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Connecting consumers and wine

a $4.2 Billion Opportunity

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Targeting the Curious Wine Explorers in the DTC channel alone represents a 4.2 Billion dollar opportunity.

The wine industries in Australia and the USA, worth $65#1 billion, face challenges capturing the attention of Curious Wine Explorers. Traditional marketing and sales strategies are proving ineffective in engaging this market segment.

Market Size & Opportunity

Financial Forecasts

TAM $65 Billion (USA + Aus Wine Industry)​

SAM $4.2 Billion (The Curious Explores in the DTC Channel)​

SOM $87 Million (2.5% of SAM)

Break Even - Mid 2024

Annual Gross Revenue in Year 5 - $41 Million

Return on Equity Over 5 Years - 17 x

The media frequently use the term 'Millennials' to refer to the 'Curious Explorers' demographic when discussing the wine industry's challenges in engaging with this group


Our innovative approach combines the immersive experience of visiting a winery with the convenience of a wine club, resulting in an unparalleled at-home cellar door experience. With our service, wine enthusiasts can discover exciting new wines from the comfort of their own homes, without compromising on the joy of exploration.

Our secret sauce

We extend beyond a sweet spot of accessibility plus engagement by incorporating smart technology to identify your perfect wine for any occasion.


Our product delivering this solution is called “Give it a swirl” and it includes three core components.

Firstly, there is our Wine Matching AI Tech, which selects which wines are sent to each consumer.

Next is the small format wine bottles. Each pack consists of 4 x (times) 187ml glass bottles. Using this small format, makes our solution more accessible and affordable.

The third element is our Interactive UX Platform, that delivers a personalized guided wine tasting experience.

Together the technology, content, and wine, combines to deliver a social, safe and fun, at home tasting room experience.

Product Potential

We combined winery visits and wine clubs to offer an at-home cellar door experience, allowing customers to discover new wines in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Vision

A world where at-home cellar door experiences are the most common way consumers connect with wineries.

Primary Opportunity

Achieving 2.5% of DTC millennial frequent wine drinkers in AU + USA is worth > $87m annually.

Secondary Opportunities

Commissions from third party sales generated through in-pack marketing offers.

Long Term Opportunities

Using interactions to collect data that can be used to build an AI wine matching application.

Our Technology

Our wine matching technology surpasses that of our competitors in terms of both precision and detail. Additionally, we are utilizing data gathered from current tastings to develop our AI, which, once trained, will be capable of accurately matching consumers with wines at an expected rate of 90%.

Production Capabilities

Wine Bottling

Line ASemi Automated Sampling Line120 bottles per hour
Line BFully Automated Small Format Bottling Line900 bottles per hour
Line CFully Automated Mobile Bottling Line1200 bottles per hour

Content Production

In-house production studio includes three permanent film sets, studio lighting banks, props and latest 8k digital filming equipment.


Our primary revenue (70%) is from B2C sales, combining both casual purchases and subscriptions to our at-home cellar door experiences. An additional 30% of revenue is derived from B2B service of:

1 – Production
2 – Technology Licensing
3 – Distribution
4 – Sales Commissions

Media Coverage

Meet Our Team

Avron Rubin

An experienced CEO who has successfully led several start-ups from angel funding to international expansion and market segment leadership. His love for wines stems from time spent studying in Stellenbosch, one of the world’s great wine regions.

Paula bayliss

Paula has spent the last decade leading organisations through growth and change through Human Resources. Experiencing different wine regions while travelling sparked an appreciation she is excited to share through our platforms.

Meet Our Advisors


Advisor Focused on Australia
GM / Cellarmasters Head of Buying / The Wine Quarter Tesco Account Manager / PLB Group


Advisor Focused on USA
Board Member / Livermore Wine Growers VP Marketing / The Wine Group GM / M & M Mars Director / Dryers Ice Cream
The $65#1 Billion wine industry in AU and USA struggle to engage with Curious Wine Explorers, as traditional marketing and sales approaches are not proving effective.

Love wine?

Love a 17x return on investment in 5 years?

( Avron Rubin. Co-Founder )